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Parent Pick-Up Traffic and Information

If you pick up your child or neighbor's child in the afternoon, please follow the established traffic pattern listed below. Your cooperation will help keep our students safe.

Our kindergarten students are dismissed early. Parents of kindergarten students may park in two lanes. The kindergarten teachers will walk the children by hand to the car.

504/PST Contacts

Marie Bracciale​

All other parents please wait in the loop until the dismissal bell rings. Once the dismissal bell rings, students in grade 1-5 are dismissed. At that time there is only one lane of traffic along the curb.

Parents should remain in their cars so that we can keep the traffic flowing.

Once you pick up your child, carefully pull into the left lane to exit.

In order to expedite the flow of traffic, your child will be bringing home a color coded sign with their name and grade on it. Please display the sign on your dash as you go through parent pick up. The teachers on duty will be able to identify your child and have him/her ready for you as you pull forward.


Attendance Policy:

Regular attendance at school is absolutely necessary for a child to make the most of the opportunity for an education. HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD IF HE OR SHE IS ILL. Please notify the attendance office and report that your child will be absent. When a student returns to school after an absence, a note from the parent or guardian explaining the reason for the absence must be received within two (2) school days following the student’s return to school. PLEASE CALL: Mrs. Deb Thuman 322-6171 extension 39222 TO REPORT YOUR CHILD’S ABSENCE.

Tardy Policy:

All children arriving at school after the late bell rings should report directly to their classrooms until 8:00 a.m.  After 8:00 a.m., students should report to the office to obtain a tardy slip before being allowed to enter the classroom. All students who enter class after 7:55 a.m. will be marked ‘tardy’ in the attendance record. Tardies may be excused with a written note from the parent stating a legitimate reason for the tardy (doctor visit, family emergency, etc.), at the discretion of the principal or designee.  A child who is consistently tardy will be reported to the principal. The school Social Worker will investigate if the problem persists.

Please allow yourself enough time to ensure your child is not tardy. I am sure you are aware of the high number of cars that use our parent pick-up/drop-off loop.

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